Family Recovery Coaching is available to current member families enrolled in the Family Recovery Education program.

Typically, families who opt for our coaching services are ones who want or may need extra support.

Our coaches are certified Family Recovery Life Coaches with years of experience helping families.

Family Recovery Coaching includes:

A professionally certified Family Recovery Life Coach dedicated to your family.

Someone that you'll get to know, trust, and work with for the entire duration.

Up to two 1-on-1 phone or video conference sessions per week.

This may vary depending on how often you and your coach feel you should meet.

One 10-minute "laser session" per week, if needed.

Great to catch up about a specific course topic or talk about an urgent issue that can't wait.

In addition to the session time with your coach, they'll also help guide your family's progress from week to week.

Your coach will:

  • Help decide what steps should be taken between sessions
  • Help outline an action plan to accomplish those steps
  • Help create support for yourself to stay on track

There's much more to Family Recovery Coaching than just weekly sessions and action planning.

Your coach may provide you with:

  • Supplemental education on the 12 Principles of Family Recovery and 7 Steps to Be A Loving Mirror
  • Additional learning tools and exercises to practice to help deepen your knowledge and understanding
  • Recommendations for further support from an interventionist or visits to a treatment center, if needed

"We have discovered that the coaching process enhances the education and accelerates the adoption of the teachings from the Family Recovery Education program."

"The combination of the Family Recovery Education program and the Family Recovery Coaching program can be a powerful catalyst to help families ad their loved ones achieve recovery more quickly, and retain it for a longer period of time."

- Beverly Buncher, Creator of BALM, Certified Addiction Recovery Coach

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