BALM® Program

The Loving Path:


Learn about substance use disorders, co-occurring disorders, and other addictions from structured lessons on the 12 BALM Principles, interviews with experts, and through the personal experiences of families and of individuals in long term recovery.


Experience a process of gaining inner peace that leads to outer harmony. Learn and practice the tools of relationship recovery - with spirituality, self, and others. Become the Loving Mirror needed to help your loved one wake up from their nightmare of active use.


Become a part of a loving community of coaches and families who are there for you; encouraging your growth as a contributor to recovery in yourself, your family, and your loved one.

Program Features:

Payment Plans:

Pick the payment plan that works best for you. All plans include the same access to all the same training, education, and support for up to four family members as shown in the Program Features section above.

One Payment

  • Pay in full for
    12-month membership
  • Total cost of $1,800
    (save 10%)

$1,800 total

Three Payments

  • Pay in three months for
    12-month membership
  • Total cost of $1,800
    (save 10%)

$600 per month (x3)

Twelve Payments

  • Pay monthly for
    12-month membership
  • Total cost of $1,980

$165 per month (x12)

Ready for your family to start living a joyful life?

Learn how to play your role in your loved one's SUD recovery.

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