Recovery Programs for Families

Program options for BALM Family Recovery

BALM provides families the chance to get the education and support they want by offering two program options with varying levels of coaching support.

Families that want to join the BALM community and participate in BALM Family Recovery will be enrolled into our Family Recovery Education program first.

Once enrolled, families can then choose to add our Family Recovery Coaching program at any point in time; either when they first start the education program or later down the road.

Family Recovery Education


BALM's comprehensive Family Recovery Education program is available to all families with struggling loved ones (no matter their existing levels of knowledge).

With this, families proceed through the education program at their own pace. They have the option to learn along side instructors during weekly live webinars.

Family Recovery Education is ideal for families who want to educate themselves while receiving minimal coaching in a group setting.

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Family Recovery Coaching


BALM's supplementary Family Recovery Coaching program is only available to families already enrolled in the education program (or ones planning to enroll).

With this, a BALM Family Recovery Life Coach meets with your family weekly, and in a private setting, to help guide you through the education program.

Family Recovery Coaching is ideal for families who want additional support to help them accelerate their progress through the education program.

Program Features:

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Family Recovery Coaching