February 6, 2022

The BALM Saved Our Lives

A family came into the BALM a couple of years ago adamant that their son MUST get into recovery, and they wanted to get into the BALM to learn how to fix him.

As always, we explained that we cannot promise the family that their son would be "fixed," but that we could promise they could become his best chance at recovery.

They balked at the idea initially, feeling that nothing in their life could ever be okay if their son didn’t stop using and get back on the college track they previously had him on before he became involved with substances.

Over the months in the BALM, the family first insisted on taking a path to fix him and soon saw that, despite their best efforts, it just wasn’t happening overnight or even over several months for their son.

Instead, they chose a way new to them: that of learning the loving path to Be A Loving Mirror (BALM). This path increased their inner peace, taught them communication and advocacy skills, and empowered them to be their son’s BEST chance at getting into recovery… and hopefully staying there.

Today, that family walks the loving path to BALM daily.

They have completed their coaching and are applying all they learned in their loving relationship with their son. They recently shared their story of BALM recovery.

You can find that recording in the archives. Not in the BALM yet? Call Karen today at 1-888-998-2256 or click here to learn more about how you can join this enriching family recovery program.

About the author

Beverly Buncher, MA, PCC, CBFRLC, CTPC, known as the "Foremost Family Recovery Life Coach in the Nation", is the Founder and CEO of Family Recovery Resources, LLC, and the BALM® (Be A Loving Mirror®) Institutes for Family Recovery Coach Training and Family Recovery Education.