September 26, 2021

The Inner Transformation of a 7 Steps Retreat

Every fall, as the leaves start falling to the ground and the northern hemisphere prepares to go into hibernation, we in the BALM (Be A Loving Mirror) program hold a retreat that we watch breath new life into families, using the BALM’s core process for healing relationships: The 7 Steps to Be A Loving Mirror.

Some families arrive at the program feeling broken and alone. Their loved one is caught up in a use disorder, addiction, or mental health disorder that is eating away at the fabric of the family and all of its members. In their homes, trust is gone, joy is muted. Pain and suffering stand front and center in the life of the family. Families say they have no idea what to say to their loved one let alone how to say it...

Other families are already well on their recovery path, looking to deepen their ability to live their lives peacefully and hold loving conversations that can make a difference in their loved ones’ lives.

The retreat weekend is designed to help families come together in community to do the inner work of self and relationship transformation necessary to help them heal themselves and their families. They arrive at the retreat with a challenge they wish to discuss with their struggling loved one or other person in their life and often leave the retreat with a plan of what they will say to their loved one and how they will hold what we call a “BALM Conversation”.

This year, the retreat will take place during Columbus Day weekend (October 8-11). To learn more click HERE. To save $100 and be sure to get your workbook in time for the retreat, be sure to register before October 1.

See you there!

Bev Buncher,
Founder and creator of the BALM programs.

About the author

Beverly Buncher, MA, PCC, CBFRLC, CTPC, known as the "Foremost Family Recovery Life Coach in the Nation", is the Founder and CEO of Family Recovery Resources, LLC, and the BALM® (Be A Loving Mirror®) Institutes for Family Recovery Coach Training and Family Recovery Education.